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Window Cleaning


Skyline Window Cleaning, LLC. was founded in 2005 and continues to be locally owned and operated. We operate out of Gretna, Nebraska and work mainly in Omaha, Lincoln and the surrounding areas. Our focus from the beginning has been on residential window cleaning, though we have expanded over the years and now offer many services - check our Services section for more details, or inquire today for a free estimate! We offer competitive rates and excellent attention to detail. 

We offer complete Window Cleaning Services - yearly, semi-annual, quarterly, or even monthly. With our quarterly service, we clean the outsides of your windows every quarter, and the insides are cleaned once per year. We clean all exterior screens and door thresholds!

When we clean your windows we can replace your burned out lights for you. Shoe covers, towels, and drop-cloths are used to keep the inside of your home spotless. Provide us with an email and we will contact you regarding a free estimate!

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